savannah's favorite beekeeping photographer!

Photography has helped me look for and appreciate the little things, perhaps the things that are looked over, or taken for granted. Give me ALLLL the raw emotion, the laughter and the happy tears! I am a storyteller by nature and photography lets me show you your unique story as I see it.

I was born in Ohio and raised in Florida before finally settling in the beautiful state of Georgia. I fell in love with portrait photography after having my first son in 2004, and it has been an exciting and fulfilling journey ever since!


a lover of love, people, sunshine, nature, and capturing beauty and emotion in everyone and everything

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Even though we live in a subdivision, I love the idea of producing my own food! We have a vegetable garden, fruit trees, chickens, and bees!

"urban" farming

No. 3

The beauty and peacefulness of nature, tropical birds in all colors of the rainbow, monkeys howling in the trees- take me back a fourth time please!

the costa rican rainforests

No. 2

Channeling Buddy the Elf in real life, but seriously, I'm a happy, easygoing person by nature! I can't look a stranger in the eye without smiling.

smiling's my favorite

No. 1

Got music? Swing, salsa, shag, line dancing, you name it! Word of caution- if you play the "Wobble", I will have no choice but to bust a move on the dance floor!


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